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The “Shameful Secret” that Glenn Kept for Over 20 Years

Glenn’s father was a humble mechanic who only asked two things of him.

One was to become an Eagle Scout. Glenn did, and it was the proudest accomplishment of his life.

The other was to be the first person in the family to go to college. He did that too, but it turned out to be the biggest disappointment of his life. Glenn never told his father this because it would have crushed him.

And he never spoke of it publicly until after his father passed away. But the truth was that even though he earned a degree in management from a highly respected university, 90% of what they taught him was useless in the real world.

None of those textbooks addressed in-the-trenches issues frontline supervisors have to deal with. Things like how to find good employees, get people to come to work on time, conduct performance evaluations, and a million other things.

And that’s why Glenn Shepard Seminars was founded… to provide real solutions for managers who have to deal with real problems in the real world.

About Glenn

Glenn has been in management for over 30 years. He’s the author of six books, which have been published in seven languages, including How to Manage Problem Employees, How to Make Performance Evaluations Really Work, and the #1 Best-Seller How to Be the Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without.

His management seminars have  been hosted by over 400 colleges, universities, and chambers of commerce from California to New York.

Glenn’s first #1 best-selling book in the U.S. was “How to Be the Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without”. These are some of the other countries where it also became a best-seller.

South Korea
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