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Episode 1
Intro to Time Management

The REAL reason you always have too much to do is not because you don’t put in enough hours. It’s not that you’re lazy. It’s not that you’re disorganized. Those are the symptoms, not the problem.

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Episode 2
The HBU Principle

The Millionaire Next Door reported that self-made millionaires aren’t DIY’ers. In this lesson, Glenn explains how this affects you, even if you’re not rich.

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Episode 3
The Delegation Dilemma in Time Management

Delegate too little and you’ll never get anything done. Delegate too much an you run the risk of sticking your neck out too far when people drop the ball.

Multi tasking Part 1
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Episode 4
Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work – Part One

People love to brag about how good they are at multi-tasking. Just one problem with that…Multitasking doesn’t work. In this lesson, Glenn explains medical evidence from the University of Michigan and the FAA that shows multi-tasking actually slows you down.

Multi tasking Part 2
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Episode 5
Why Multi Tasking Doesn’t Work – Part Two

So if multi-taking doesn’t work, what does? In this lesson, Glenn explains a method that helps you get more done, with less stress, and is medically proven to work.

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Episode 6
The “COPs” Principle in Time Management

In Glenn’s favorite book of all time, The Purpose Driven Life, author Rick Warren asked the most profound question of “What is the purpose of your life?” In this video lesson, Glenn draws a parallel principle to time management and business

Cell Phone Addiction Part 1
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Episode 7

Cell Phone Addiction – Part One

The amount of freedom that cell phones brought us is unbelievable. But instead of taking advantage of that freedom, some people have turned it into the biggest ball and chain of their lifetime.

Cell Phone Addiction Part 2
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Episode 8

Cell Phone Addiction – Part Two

In this lesson, Glenn goes over two ridiculously simple yet highly effective ways of keeping your cell phone from owning you, instead of you owning it.

Parkinsons Law
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Episode 9
Parkinson’s Law (aka Why You Can’t Get Anything Done)

In 1955, naval historian Cyril Parkinson created “Parkinson’s Law”, which explains why you’re always trying to keep up.

Internet and Time Mgmt
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Episode 10
The Internet and Time Management

It’s called “The Web” for good reason. Most websites are strategically designed to suck you in by getting you to click on a link, and keep you on the site as long as possible. In this video, Glenn explains how to break the cycle.

Working As Fast as You Can compressed
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Episode 11
Why People Always Think They’re Working Faster Than they Are

In 1924, one of the most shocking discoveries in employee motivation happened at an AT&T supplier near Chicago. 

Deadlines v2
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Episode 12

Ever notice how much you get accomplished the day before you leave for vacation? In this video, Glenn explains why it’s the most powerful principle of time management.

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