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September 2023
The New App Psychologists Worry Will Be More Addictive than TikTok and Porn


The NIH reports that children don’t even understand that the concept of Delayed Gratification exists until around age 4 – 5. After that, it takes years for some people to master the concept. But now there’s a yet another new app that’s enticing grown adults to revert back to their early childhood where Immediate Gratification was all they knew.

August 2023
Why There’s No “Freedom of Speech” at Work

Have you heard about the war of words between Jason Aldean and Sheryl Crow? People can be as controversial as they want on social media. But when it comes to the workplace, you have to set limits if you don’t want to lose good employees.

July 2023
The Great Resignation is Over but the New Thing is Quiet Quitting

The good news is that “The Great Resignation” has ended. The bad news is that the new fad is “Quiet Quitting”. It even has its own TikTok handle at Listen to this program to fight back.

June 2023
Why Low Self Esteem Can Cost You $28,000 a Year

A groundbreaking study at the University of Messina found that blue collar workers with low self esteem make $7,000 a year less, and white collar workers with low self esteem make $28,000 a year less. In this program, Glenn explains a 30 second “shortcut” to building higher self-esteem.

May 2023
Four Simple Ways to Prevent Theft, Embezzlement, and Fraud

What would you say to an employee who took your car on a 258 mile “joyride” while you were on vacation? Or for paying their personal electric bill with a company check? On this program, we’ll look at 4 simple things you can do to prevent things like this from happening to you.

April 2023
Helping Employees with a Victim Mentality Get Over Self Pity

Ever had an employee who always feel sorry for him or herself? In this program, Glenn explains how to help people who always see themselves as the victim of one thing or another to move on.

March 2023
Is It Too “Stalkerish” to Check Your Employee’s Social Media Accounts?

Do you pay severance pay to employees who leave? Ever had an employee sign a “Quid Pro Quo” to protect you legally? If not, listen to why attorneys do this when they fire people.

February 2023
Do Your Employees Have to Respect You? The Answer Might Surprise You

Are you old enough to remember the AC/DC song “You Shook Me All Night Long”?  If you are, this lesson might ruin that song for you…

January 2023
The Amazing Power of Stick-To-It-Iveness

Do you know someone who never lived up to their potential because they never stuck with anything long enough? If you do, play month’s Leadership Lesson for them. In it, we look at the AMAZING power of “STICK–TO–ITIVENESS” catapulted everyone from Thomas Edison to Tom Brady from “unknown loser” status to legends that changed the world.

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